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Actions Consequences and I


Actions, Consequences and I (ACAI) is a service available to school aged children who are experiencing the following:


  • Family tension

  • Bereavement

  • Involvement in gangs

  • Behaviour problems

  • Emotional distress

  • Difficulties with normal development

  • Friendship

The purpose of this program is to benefit children, schools, families and the local community by

identifying client needs and providing counselling/therapy to support themselves and build family/

child resilience.


We endeavour to build awareness around the consequences of actions, make informed choices

which in turn will reduce exclusion from school.

This program is a group activity with children ages 6 to 18 placed in appropriate age range for the

activity to be beneficial there need to be a minimum of eight participants. 

All referrals must be sent to MADAS at our address or emailed to us

(see our 'contacts' page for details).

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