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Mental Health 

Life talk at Sandies is a community wellbeing and arts project which aims to offer a place of hope for people.

Hope can be defined as having a positive expectation for the future but it can also be a place. where this positive expectaiton occurs.

For instance, a person who looks forward to travelling to South Africa for a holiday may be hopeful  South Africa then becomes a place of hope. On a micro scale, I’ve found that some people have no physical place that offers them hope. Life talks at Sandies is a project which aims to transform a charity shop into a caravanserai – a place of rest and hope . This place will be filled with music, art, inspiring and insightful talks about life. It is a place for the young and the old, rich and poor. It will be a place where reputations are void and we are all equal, regardless of our different beliefs, jobs, and ethnicities.

Life talks at Sandies provides a place to share stories of life. Our trials, failures, successes and aspirations. Some of the proceeds raised will go to this amazing charity called ‘Madas’ (Make a difference at Sandies) who offer counselling and psychotherapy, play and art therapy within my London community of Barking and Dagenham.

We all face trials as humans, sometimes having a place to go to and speak to people who care really does help. This is what this place represents for my community. I would thoroughly appreciate your support by attending events as they approach and helping me raise awareness of wellbeing within society.


Please contact 
Emmanuel Owusu for future events

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