Client Aged 12

"I would like to say a big thank you to Counsellor X because she has helped me so much. She helped me to realise the difference between truth and lies and tell the truth about a big lie I told."

Client Aged 8

"I miss my counsellor and play workers."

Adult client

"Seeing counsellor M has helped me to build up my relationship with important people in my life. This helped me to realise what’s important to me hearing myself speaking out loud."

Adult client

"My counsellor always allowed me time to express how I feel."


"I approached S when my children were going emotionally downhill and she uplifted them. S also spoke/advised me on how I could deal with their needs she is my hero."

Trainee Counsellor

"I have worked within MADAS Agency for almost 2 years and am now reaching the end of my training. I still vividly remember arriving for my interview with S as if it was yesterday and how surprised I was to be invited in for what felt to me more like a chat with a friend, putting me completely at ease. I saw this as an example of S's way with people and therefore clients and wanted to emulate that. I would like to say at the closing of this year and the beginning of another, what a great support this Agency and S have been to me throughout my Diploma Counselling training. I have found the atmosphere welcoming and relaxed, without taking anything away from the professionalism necessary for learning and growing as a trainee counsellor. I consider myself very blessed in that I was first of all fortunate enough to be given a voluntary placement in MADAS and then to have S as my Supervisor. S has helped me develop and grow over the past 2 years and has at times both inspired and challenged me, but always with kindness. MADAS has certainly made a difference to my life. Long may you work in and help our local community. Thank you S and all at MADAS Counsellor P."