Here at MADAS we work with individuals and the voluntary sector to provide a valuable service to all our beneficiaries.




Our projects include the following.

Clinical Supervision

The aim is to provide good clinical supervision, which enables valuable links to the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF)around communication personal and people development skills. Clinical supervision is intended to help case-workers work smarter improve service and quality at Increasing Level as skills grow.  Workers are encouraged around decision-making, taking responsibility, managing risk taking pride in their work and better client care.Group supervision (4-6), counsellors working together - solution-focused approach to dealing with Client case work using sound professional judgements.



Are your family, partner, children having problems with: lying, manipulation, drug / alcohol abuse, disrespect, cursing, undesirable friends, or inappropriate sexual



Mediation and conflict awareness sessions can help.

Today’s children, teenagers, adults and families in general are faced with many different problems; unfortunately these problems can spill over into family life and affect the entire family. When these problems start running your life, and the life of your family it is time for immediate action.

Make a difference at Sandies mediation sessions will assist you to maintain a positive controlled environment. Mediation will teach you and your family problem solving skills needed to control these issues.


  • Elderly outreach talking therapy

  • Young persons's Play & Art Therapy

  • Mediation & Conflict workshops

  • Childrens Play & Art Therapy

  • General Counselling

  • Specialist Domestic Violence Counselling

  • Actions Consequences and I(aged 11-18 years)

  • Filial Therapy 

  • 18-25 therapy service​