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We now have three books published:



  1. The Magic of Elie

  2. No Crisis Today

  3. La, La, La, La, La



The stories are fictional and based on children with disability and how their disabilities can be viewed in a positive light. Look out for our list of titles based on children living in a domestic violence environment.

ISBN: 9781438955452  Price: £9.99

The Magic of Elie is about a child born blind, and how he uses other skills we all take for granted to overcome everyday life issues.

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ISBN: 97811844266463  Price: £6.99

No Crisis Today is about a child that suffers from sickle cell, and whilst she is having a sickle cell attack, she meets another child with the same condition. The story explains the conditions of sickle cell and explores some of the issues faced by sufferers.

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ISBN: 9781907403002  Price: £6.99

La, La, La, La, La is about a young girl living with domestic violence. The story explores the relationship between the members of her family, how domestic violence affects children and how various issues caused by domestic violence can be resolved.

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